Laser (EVL)

With endovenous laser treatment, veins with faulty valves are sealed under local anaesthesia without surgery. EVL uses highly targeted laser energy to seal the vein shut so that your leg looks and feels better fast.

Stages of endovenous laser (EVL)

  • Treatment takes less than 2 hours
  • Fast relief of symptoms
  • General anaesthetic is usually unnecessary
  • No need for hospital stay in most cases
  • No surgical scars

The EVL procedure

EVL is a quick minimally invasive laser procedure that leaves no scars and be performed as a day case. The treatment takes less than a couple of hours. The following describes the sequence of events: Endovenous laser (EVL) animation

  • Ultrasound is used to identify the problematic veins
  • Local anaesthetic is applied
  • A small needle is inserted into the problem vein
  • A thin laser fibre is inserted through the needle
  • Laser energy is delivered to seal the faulty vein
  • Walking is encouraged immediately after the procedure
  • There may be minor soreness and bruising